Leadership Challenge for Belinda

June 13, 2017


It is with pleasure and some surprise I announce my admission into the Australian Rural Leadership Program (ARLP). My nomination by Cathy McGowan MP and sponsorship by Wine Australia, provides an onerous responsibility and I thank them for  this opportunity.


The ARLP is for established leaders who have already demonstrated leadership in their industries or communities. It is an exciting program combining a diversity of industries, communities and backgrounds. Over 15 months I will live outside my comfort zone and experience challenges focused on personal growth that will impact my family, business, industry and community.  I join thirty-three leaders all of whom underwent a rigorous selection process to be chosen for Course 24 of the ARLP.


The ARLP takes place across Australia and Indonesia.  I commence the course in Darwin in July, before travelling to the remote Kimberley for an experiential component of the program.  I don’t know what to expect from this first immersion in the program.  It’s going to be challenging both physically and intellectually.  I’ve always been willing to contribute to community and industry so I’m eager to embrace this next step in my personal development and discover where it leads.


The opportunity has been made possible through the generous sponsorship of Wine Australia who has provided $55,000 for me to undertake the program.  Wine Australia have demonstrated a belief in my ability to make an effective contribution to the Australian wine industry.  Through their significant investment they have also acknowledged the importance of Rutherglen in the National wine landscape.


Cathy McGowan, who is a past graduate of the ARLP, introduced me to the program. The position of Chairperson of the Winemakers of Rutherglen can be challenging.  One of my mentors is Cathy McGowan.  When Cathy suggested I apply I wasn’t sure, but Cathy said to me “think of all you have achieved in the last 10 years, then imagine all you have yet to achieve in the next 10 years.”  She gave me the courage and belief I needed to take on the challenge.


Without Michael’s support I couldn’t consider a commitment of this magnitude.  Our partnership of over 30 years is the foundation of everything we have achieved together.  He’ll be essential to the success of my participation in the 24th course of the ARLP.


My journey through the ARLP can be followed here at https://www.moodemerewines.com.au/blog.

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