Hole in One Winner Takes Home $1000 Worth of Wine!

June 14, 2017

Brett Aiken, a plumber from Parkdale, won The Great Lake Moodemere Hole in One during this year’s Winery Walkabout.  Brett was part of a group enjoying the festivities at Lake Moodemere Estate.  Although he is a regular golfer he never expected to walk away with the prize of $1000 worth of wine!  The green is floating in the lake so staff member, Grady’n Stones, had to canoe to the green to retrieve the ball from the hole before declaring Brett a winner!


The Great Lake Moodemere Hole in One celebrated its 10th anniversary over the weekend.  It was the brainchild of Belinda Chambers and built by Harry Chambers for the 80th birthday of Belinda’s father, Pat Burley.  Pat was a keen golfer throughout his life.  He played at the Huntingdale Golf Course in Melbourne and designed and built a golf course in the Libyan Desert for the US Air Force where he was the golf pro.  The Hole in One was an instant hit.  Pat, who is now visually impaired due to Glaucoma, relied on his friends to provide accurate details regarding the distance from tee to green and the exact position of the hole.  He had one shot and scored the hole in one!  “The prize of $1000 worth of wine hadn’t been initiated yet but he was delighted with the glory,” said his daughter, Belinda.


37 year old Brett isn’t a member of a golf club and doesn’t hold a handicap.  He plays about once a week.  “He is very humble” said proud girlfriend Grace, “He’ll admit when he’s had a good game, but I have to wait for his mates to tell me if he wins.”  Brett’s winning shot was achieved with a 9 iron.  Brett and Grace collected their prize of $1,000 worth of Lake Moodemere Estate wine pledging to donate half their winnings to the Chloe Saxby Foundation. 


The Hole in One hasn’t been won since October of 2013 when furniture removalist, Phil Dally of Croydon Victoria, hit his sixth ball into the hole. A 90m approach shot onto the floating green with a hole the size of a 9 litre bucket doesn’t seem that hard, yet success has eluded golfing champions, professionals, enthusiasts and rookies alike.


20% of the proceeds from the Great Lake Moodemere Hole in One are donated to Operation K9.  Operation K9 is a joint program provided by the Returned Service League and the Royal Society for the Blind.  Dogs are provided to veterans of the Australian Defence Forces who have a diagnosed post traumatic stress disorder due to operational service.  Not only helping those who cannot see but also those who have seen too much.


The Great Lake Moodemere Hole in One is open seven days from 10am to 5pm at the Lake Moodemere Estate cellar door in Rutherglen.




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