For seven generations and over 160 years the Chambers family have been producing wine and lamb in Rutherglen. Moodemere Lambs are premium free range. They are a product of Southdown rams and Border Leicester/Merino ewes, known for their exemplary mothering ability. Southdown rams produce a well muscled lean lamb with good marbling. The Southdown marbling is considered the closest comparison to the marbling found in wagyu beef.

Moodemere lambs graze in the open pastures of our lake side farm before moving to paddocks of specially grown fodder at weaning age. As winter approaches they spend time amongst the dormant vines where they make a vital contribution to weed management and soil fertilisation. The practice of progressive sustainable farming techniques in the combination of wine and lamb production has eliminated the need for chemical sprays or fertilisers in the vineyard.

Moodemere lambs are tagged soon after birth and never leave the pastures of our Lake Moodemere Estate property. As a result, each one can be traced from paddock to plate. We provide a minimal handling, low intervention environment to minimise stress in the production of a more tender, sweet and flavoursome meat.

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Weekly Cuts

Estate Grown – Sustainable – Grass Fed

Whole and half lambs may be ordered in advance for collection from our cellar door in Rutherglen. In addition, each week we have specialty cuts available for sale over the counter. 

Specialty Cuts June 1-5: four point rack of lamb, whole leg roast, rolled shoulder, chump chops, shanks, mince, sausages.

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