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Lake Moodemere

Lake Moodemere is a natural billabong abundant with native birds and wildlife, surrounded by a red gum forest of approximately 400ha. A 4km walk, suitable for cycling, connects to trails along the Murray River.

It was the encampment and ritual site of the Whroo tribe. Ceremonies, the barter of brides, and violent clashes with neighbouring tribes took place here. Before white settlement the Whroo tribe hunted and fished all along the river. Many of Lake Moodemere’s old red gum trees show evidence of bark having being removed for making canoes and shields.

​Lake Moodemere is home to Australia’s longest running rowing regatta. Attracting over 650 competitors from as far as Dubai and voted most popular 3 times during the last 5 years, the regatta is Indigo Shire’s biggest sporting event. The 1863 regatta included the ‘Canoe Race’ in which indigenous competitors raced in bark canoes. In 1864 it was reported that during the regatta there were campfires and canoes all about Lake Moodemere, and boomerang throwing for spectators.

The ‘King of the Tribe’, Australia’s most important 19th Century Aboriginal artist, Tommy McRae, lived at Lake Moodemere. He was born around 1835 of the Kwat Kwat clan. His drawings observed aspects of traditional Aboriginal life using European materials. Tommy McRae’s work is exhibited in National Galleries and Libraries around Australia.