Cellar Door

Open 7 Days | 10am – 5pm

Wine Tasting available from Monday 1st June

Cellar Door Wine Tasting & Sales

At Lake Moodemere we are immersed in the history of six generations of Chambers wine producers. Our Estate grown wines showcase the fruit nurtured from our single vineyard where vines have grown since 1886. Thousands of years ago the Murray River swept around the bank upon which the Lake Moodemere Vineyard lies. As the river changed its course it left a billabong, Lake Moodemere, in its wake. Our vineyard, positioned on the bank of Lake Moodemere has a terroir unlike any other. The sandy red loam soil, extending 12 feet below the surface, is a remnant of the original path of the Murray. The wind pattern rising up the bank from the water creates its own unique microclimate. The result is wine of distinct character displaying bold varietal fruit and soft, luxurious tannins. Every Lake Moodemere Estate wine reflects the place it was grown and the people who made it.

Wine Tasting Experience

Discover our estate grown, single vineyard wines in the property’s original heritage listed homestead. Our tasting experience is available throughout the day. Groups up to eight guests do not require a booking. For groups of eight or more a booking is required. Contact us to book your group wine tasting experience.

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Sustainable Vineyard & Working Dog Tour

10am Fridays (bookings essential) $15pp

Ever considered what’s involved in the cultivation of the grapes that make our delicious wine? Enjoy this unique insight with seventh generation vigneron, Joel Chambers. Share in our sustainable philosophy and journey through exciting new developments in the vineyard, first planted in 1886. Tour includes a visit to the Moodemere Lambs, where Scout the working dog demonstrates his herding (and motorbike!) skills.

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